Gareth Walters Recordings



Song of the Heart (all music by Gareth Walters) –

Cân y galon (Song of the Heart) (for soprano and string quartet)
Poésies du soir (for mezzo soprano and chamber orchestra)
Violin Sonata (violin and piano)
Little Suite for Flute and Harp
Berceuse (for harp)

Carolyn Foulkes (soprano); Sally Pryce (harp); Adam Summerhayes (violin); Nicola Eimer (piano); Adam Walker (flute); Wendy Dawn Thompson (mezzo-soprano); London Concertante, Gregory Rose, conductor.

Toccata Classics TOCC 0090 (2008)



Welsh Classical Favourites

Overture: Primavera
A Gwent Suite

Royal Ballet Sinfonia, conductor Andrew Penny

Marco Polo 8.225048 (1997)



Sea Sketches

Divertimento for Strings

Manitoba Chamber Orchestra, conductor Roy Goodman

CBC Records SMCD 5227 (2003)




British String Miniatures Vol. 1

Divertimento for Strings

Royal Ballet Sinfonia, conductor Gavin Sutherland

ASV White Line WHL 2134 (2002)




British String Miniatures Vol. 3

Sinfonia Breve

Royal Ballet Sinfonia, conductor Gavin Sutherland

ASV White Line WHL 2139 (2003)




Postals del S. XX

Divertimento for Strings

Orquestra de Cambra Terrassa 48, Barcelona, director Quim Térmens

Ars Harmonica AH184 (2007)




English Serenade

Elegy – a poem for string orchestra

London Concertante Chamber Ensemble

London Concertante CMG 016 (2006)




Virtuoso Harp (Classics for Pleasure)

Little Suite for Harp

Ann Griffiths (harp)

EMI Records Ltd. 5/ 72701/ 2 (L.P. 1971, re-issued on CD 1998)




Background music for radio, television and films:

All available from EMI Production Music (KPM music catalogue)

Two Harpsichord Suites (Suite 1 – Music for the Court; Suite 2 – Court Dances)
KPM 1048A

Two Elizabethan Suites (strings and harpsichord)
KPM 1048B

Harp solos (40 items)
KPM 1013

Harmonica solos (33 items)
KPM 1144

Harmonica and guitar (2 items, American country music)
KPM 1117

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